Crime Don't Pay
7" Vinyl Single
May 6, 2016

Artist & tune
  • Alpheus - So Brave / Alpheus - Good Prevails
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It's always interesting as well as exciting to see the release of a new tune by Alpheus, especially when it's the result of the fine singer's collaboration with superb producer, engineer and musician Roberto Sánchez outta Spain. Although not yet matured as a singer, Alpheus made a good impression with his 1999 debut album "Quality Time" for which he voiced cuts on original Studio One riddims under the watchful guidance of the legendary Coxsone Dodd. In 2007 Alpheus came up with the follow up album called "Everything For A Reason" that featured a variety of riddims ranging from lovers to one-drop, but it wasn't until the release of his third album "From Creation" in 2011, which saw him working with Roberto Sánchez for the first time, that he finally made his breakthrough. That album, and also its 2014 released follow up "Good Prevails", featured riddims - fresh originals and relicks - that were strongly rooted in the Ska & Rocksteady eras of the 1960s. It was obvious that they were tailor-made for the singer as he sounded fully at ease on each and every track.

And now there's a dbl A-sided vinyl single from Alpheus and Roberto Sánchez, released by Liquidator Music from Madrid, Spain. The single features two top quality efforts from the duo. The A side includes a brand new tune entitled "So Brave", while "Good Prevails", the title track of the 2014 album, has been put on the AA side. For "So Brave" Roberto Sánchez and his great Lone Ark Riddim Force band, have expertly relicked the riddim of the Kingstonians' fantastic but rare rocksteady classic "Crime Don't Pay", recorded for producer Sir J.J. (Carl Johnson) in 1968. Alpheus fully shines on "So Brave", a self-penned new song about a single mother, holding her strength and standing firm bravely trying to survive in society and it's harsh environment. She Faces everyday problems and situations, but successfully battles them to put food on the table for her children and maintain the roof over her families heads. Huge tune fi sure! Of course, already very familiar with "Good Prevails" over Phil Pratt's revived "Safe Travel" riddim as we've spun this tune so many times. Needless to say that it still makes a real good impression.

Would be great if "So Brave" is a teaser for an upcoming Alpheus & Roberto Sanchez album!