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Another Day
7" Single
December 22, 2007

Artist & tune

  • Ray Darwin - Another Day / Ray Darwin - Another Day RMX (Acoustic Version)
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Germany's most popular soundsystem, the mighty Pow Pow Movement in the last couple of years have made a big impression with their productions, 'Celebrate', the outstanding new version of Leslie Kong's riddim used for Desmond Dekker's big international archetypical rude-boy summer hit from 1967, fully benefiting from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)', the wicked live one-drop-riddim 'Blaze', the superb 'Superior'- riddim and the aimed at the bashment massive 'Gladiator'. During the last two years Pow Pow impressed with the roots riddims 'First Sight' and 'Overstand' before starting 2008 with several fresh 7" releases.

These productions resulted in 7 excellent one riddim sets, "Shanty Town", "Blaze", "Superior", "Gladiator", "Celebrate", "First Sight" and one year ago in "Overstand". Lately Pow Pow also released their second one-artist album (following 2006's satisfying "King Of Kings" from Elijah Prophet, Zareb's convincing debut album "Authentic Love". And now, entering 2008, Ingo Rheinbay has released the '3 the hard way' album "The Pow Pow Triology" concentrating on 3 often on Pow Pow riddims featured Bobo singjays; Turbulence, Jah Mason and Anthony B and two new roots 7" selections, the 'Follow', the 'Ruff & Tuff'-riddim and this one-off 7" "Another Day" by Ray Darwin.

Ray Darwin, the Jamaican artist from Germany's Hamburg, continues his string of convincing tunes recorded (for Pow Pow and for Kemar McGregor's No Doubt Records) since his surprise hit "People's Choice" with this magnificent ballad, his third tune for Pow Pow and these tunes have all been splendid. This upful ballad over a restraint yet still rootsy backing with wonderful strings is no exception, supporting his message yet another day to make my own, yet another day give thanks to Jah Jah that is paired with its beautiful "Another Day RMX (Acoustic Version)" backed by just an acoustic guitar, bassline and percussion. This is a must have Pow Pow 7" for every soundsystem selector for the (slow-)roots parts of his set and for every 7" buyer, that is distributed by One Love Jamaica.