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November 20, 2013

Artist & tune

  • Tmar feat. Don Goliath - Babylon Walls / Don Goliath - Babylon Walls Melodica Cut / Don Goliath - Babylon Walls Dub
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In recent times German dubstep/reggae producer/singer Lars Brachmann aka Sir Larsie I aka Don Goliath has attracted the attention of reggae fans who were longing for some fresh sounding music as they were tired of listening to the same kinda sounds over and over again. Don Goliath creates hybrids out of a variety of styles including dubstep, electro, dancehall, dub, ska and of course reggae, which in the end originates a new and unique musical genre. A prime example is his 2012 digital album release "Skastep To The World!", which features Jamaican artists such as Busy Signal, Chuck Fender, Lexxus, Fantan Mojah, Warrior King, Reggie Stepper, and Anthony B. For his latest effort, "Babylon Walls", Don Goliath has teamed up with UK based multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Jermaine Millington aka Tmar. Dubstep, roots reggae and dub music form the basis for the Rootsstep sound, an exciting en energetic sounding hybrid that underpins the vocals of both Don Goliath and Tmar. From the top to the very last drop your blown away and it doesn't stop with the vocal track as there's also a mindblowing "Babylon Walls Melodica Cut" and "Babylon Walls Dub" to fulljoy! Not for the reggae purist we would say, but certainly worthwhile checking out for those who every now and then want to listen to a refreshing new sound.