Xterminator-Jet Star
7" Single
April 24, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Mikey General - Babylon cake / End Of Time
  • Cocoa Tea - No faith / Version
  • Prince Malichi - Love Jah / Version
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"Babylon bake a cake, and everybody want a taste, they would-a kill you for the crumbs. Rasta don't want none" sings Mikey General on his cut for Xterminator on a different mix of the "Stealing" riddim also used for Cocoa Tea's "No faith" and Malichi's "Love Jah". This excellent cut is also released as a 12" disco 45 single in the UK through Jet Star, with the addition of the political tune "End Of Time". He sings about reaching "the end of the line mankind, a revolution time, now an Armagideon time" and warns the "hypocrites and backbiters". On both tracks Mikey is in fine form singing from the heart. On 'Babylon Cake' he's sounding like a young Errol Dunkley.

Cocoa Tea puts out a solid performance and delivers a top quality single in a style he's best known and loved for. Malichi is a rather unknown singer, but check him out 'cause he's definitely going to make a name for himself in the near future. He possesses an exceptional good and mature voice which is reminiscent of Luciano. With "Love Jah" he delivers a superb conscious tune in which he expresses his love to the most High.