Irie Ites Music
12" Single
February 14, 2011

Artist & tune

  • Aldubb, Dubmatix & Mighty Howard - Warriors Call / Mount Zion Trad / Rock The Night
  • Aldubb, Dubmatix & Mighty Howard - Fight Dub / Mount Zion Dub / Dub The Night
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The Irie Ites Music label from Germany have come up with a 12" vinyl release -- also digitally available -- featuring three songs (plus their dub versions) written and recorded by three musicians in three days. While on a European tour in November 2009, Jesse King aka Dubmatix from Toronto, Canada, and Howard Bridges aka Mighty Howard from Hamburg, Germany, spent three days with dub specialist and producer Aldubb at his Berlin Planet Earth Recordings studio. No plan, no songs, no ideas. With Aldubb on drums & percussion, Dubmatix on guitar, bass & keyboard, and Mighty Howard on guitar & vocals, the three jammed. Once an idea formed, it was recorded and completed. This went on for three days straight. At the end, finishing "Warriors Call", all three ran to a gig and played all three new songs that same night, getting great response from the audience.

Now, almost a year and a half after that event, these three songs and their dubs have finally hit the streets. The A-side, featuring all the vocal cuts, kicks off with a great steppers piece titled "Warriors Call". Great lyrics and Mighty Howard's appealing vocal delivery along with the 'live' played original riddim makes this song a winner. The pace slows down for "Mountain Zion Trad", which is strongly reminiscent of early Steel Pulse recordings. As pointed out "Warriors Call" is a winner, but "Mount Zion Trad" -- with its wicked vintage style keyboard play and the horn parts taken from Dubmatix's USB-stick -- is a true killer! The third song, "Rock The Night", is a less convincing effort due to its lacklustre lyrics. The bass line of the riddim sounds somewhat familiar and when listening to the the dub version it's Freddie McGregor's "Push Comes To Shove" that springs to mind. The flipside contains the dubbed up versions, all of them expertly done and well worth hearing.

Only three days in the making, but nevertheless a quality affair. Check it out!