Gold Pot
Big Life
7" Single
August 16, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Richie Stephens & Bounty Killer - Big Life (Hip Hop) / Party Ride Remix
  • Richie Stephens - Party Ride / Party Ride Remix
  • General Degree & T.O.K. - Tears / Part Ride Remix
  • Mr. Vegas - Jump Around / Party Ride Remix
  • Scare Dem Crew - Scare Dem Flavor / Party Ride Remix
  • Copper Cat - Stay In School / Party Ride Remix
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Richie Stephens appears in "combination stylee" and as a solo performer on his new label "Gold Pot". Both are solid cuts across an infectious dancehall riddim with the combination song being the slightly better one, thanks to the contribution of one of the top deejays of the nineties Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer. Another combination is formed by General Degree and the up-and-coming vocal group T.O.K.. Their record is an average effort and fails to make any impression. Even worse can be said about the Scare Dem Crew. They ride the riddim with their lyrics put on the melody line of Richie Stephens & Bounty Killer's "Maniac". The final result is terrifying. Mr. Vegas, instead, delivers a much better one on the riddim. This record is another evidence of this youth's ability to deliver a solid tune and showcases why he's getting hotter and hotter in the dancehalls of Kingston, New York and London. "Stay in school" is a good advice from Copper Cat, the latest in a long tradition of pre-pubescent reggae artists, and hopefully he avails himself of his own advice, though he sounds as if he's too young to attend to kindergarten!