Reggae Goldmine
12" Single
April 27, 2004

Artist & tune

  • Garnett Silk - Bless Our Soul (aka Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders) / Anthony B - Jah It's You / Anthony B & Derrick Lara - Beat Down Babylon / Johnny P - Mama
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"Bless Our Soul", better known as "Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders" definitely belongs to the sort of heartfelt numbers for which Garnett Silk will be remembered. This King Jammy produced tune is one of Silkís biggest hits, finally available again on 12" vinyl. It's striking to experience that this song still comes as strong as it did when first released about a decade ago. It not only shows the great talent of Garnett Silk, but also the lost his untimely death caused for reggae music. Furthermore this 12" features three K.C. White productions with the combination tune "Beat Down Babylon Wall" by Anthony B & Derrick Lara being the best effort. Also Johnny P's "Mama" is a solid effort, while Anthony B's "Jah Itís You" is a rather mediocre piece.