M Records
Foundation Rockers
10" Single
February 28, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Brother Culture - Brother Culture Meets Twilight Circus And The Disciples
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"When I first heard dub, I was attracted to the cavernous sense of space and the echoes -- the drum and the bass hypnotise the listener and mezmerize, pyhsically, whereas the higher frequencies influence the mind, sending the the listener off on a journey to : who knows where? Bass -- it's a big responsibility. Bass -- it's an EARTH tone. " ( Ryan Moore, May 2003)

If you think reggae music made in Europe is a parody, a derivative cliche as some still argue, this 10" may give you cause to reconsider -- along with the overpowering digital aggression of Jah Warrior's "Man Fi Strong", this was arguably one of the most powerful dubwise tunes of 2004.

What you get here is six innovative cuts to "Foundation Rockers" with the talents of Brixton's Brother Culture on the mic -- he's a man who, along with Knatty P and Spiky T, is a seriously under rated talent and an original chanter pon the mic with a conscious, intelligent style.

Ryan's mixes are dark, with a murky bass and exploding snares. Each dub reworking acts as atmospheric deconstruction, taking the listener deeper into the rhythm.

The Disciples versions don't waste time on subtlety, with a hammering bass drum and vibrating bass tone driving the message home -- the bass depth is contrasted with cymbals and rim shot tones which sound as if they are being turned inside out.

This track is overwhelmingly reminiscent of Dub Syndicate's "Wadada Means love " and Upsetter's "Earth Righful Ruler" cut with Peter Tosh. Don't miss it.