Masterlock Productions
7" Single
June 25, 2003

Artist & tune

  • Anthony B - Bruk Dem Up / Roundhead - Nuh Roll Wid Dem
  • Little Hero - Talk Like Me / Version
  • Lukie D & Nitty Kutchie - Let Peace Reign / Version
  • Wayne Marshall & Cutty Ranks - Do You Know? / Version
Overall rating : (1 to 5 stars)   
Producer Self Defence has managed to get big Jamaican dancehall artists like Anthony B, Cutty Ranks, Roundhead and Lukie D upon Masterlock Productions' latest bashment riddim titled "Scream". This bouncing, up-tempo riddim - created by Jazzwad and mixed by Colin "Bulby" York of "Fat Eyes" - has its best moments when Anthony B's "Bruk Dem Up", Roundhead's "Nuh Roll Wid Dem" and "Do You Know?" by Wayne Marshall & Cutty Ranks drop in. However, don't overlook solid efforts by the fast chatting Little Hero and the singing duo Lukie D & Nitty Kutchie. Lyrically all tunes keep up a nice vibe, no heavy slackness or gangsta lyrics around. All in all a notable selection that deserves the attention of the worldwide dancehall massive.