Heavy Metal
7" Single
November 2, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Red Rat - Bruk Mi Ducks / Version
  • Goofy & Sanchez - Whining Machine / Goofy - Too Bad Mind
  • Buccaneer - Bruk Out / Version
  • Hawkeye - Man Puppy Show / Version
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One of the driving and leading forces in the dancehall - not only nowadays but also for the past couple of years - is undoubtedly veteran producer Danny Browne's "Main Street Crew". Time and time again Browne shows that he's capable of exciting the dancehall massive with his red-hot tunes and hard driven riddims. Besides that he's definitely an innovative producer who is always seeking for new trends in dancehall music. With his latest effort - the scorchin' "Heavy Metal" riddim which incorporates a dominant guitar part - he hits real hard ! Last year's dancehall revelation and this year's M.O.B.O. award nominee Red Rat blasts off a serious chart attack with a solid cut delivered in his own inimitable style. Although he didn't achieve the expected giant breakthrough yet Red Rat's boon companion Goofy is almost as prolific as himself. In this case Goofy even puts out two tunes on a double A-sided single. His combination song with the sweet-voiced Sanchez is a decent one, however his solo cut is a slightly better effort. The many-sided Buccaneer surely has the skill and talents to handle several styles. His "raggopera" style and fashion became famous, but that he also can deliver a solid and convincing effort in a strictly dancehall stylee is fully showcased on his wicked "Bruk Out" cut. Hawkeye's single is a nice but rather average outing and he certainly can't match the efforts of the other artists. Be warned... these tunes are not made for sensitive ears 'cause they truly have to be played real LOUD for optimal dancehall pleasure and satisfaction!!