Citizen K Productions
Digital Release
February 16, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Lexie Lee - Bye Bye Bye (Citizen K Remix) / Bye Bye Bye (Citizen K Remix - Instrumental)
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Lexie Lee hails from a very musical family in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica. Her grandmother was, and still is, a member of the church choir. Her uncle is an accomplished guitarist and has worked with many reggae legends including several of the Marley's. Lexie Lee's mother is also a gifted singer and she exposed Lexie Lee to a variety of music while growing up, everything from Country to R&B.

As a child, Lexie Lee spent most of her early years in Orange Hill and Little London before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 8. After spending a couple years in LA, Lexie Lee returned home to Sandy Bay, Hanover where she lived with her grandparents while attending Rusea's High school. Now Lee divides her time between Jamaica as well as Venice Beach, California, a hip artist community in the Los Angeles area.

Not one to be boxed into a corner, Lexie Lee's style is uniquely inimitable. Her brand of edgy spitfire lyrics and girlish charm can only be described as a mashup of her international upbringing. Add Lexie's Jamaican-Reggae roots, some US-Hip Hop flavor, and infuse it with a bit of European electronica and you have a brand of refreshing ear candy that is bound to please listeners worldwide.

Since she started her musical career Lexie Lee has recorded quite a few tunes for several produce's but the first real success on her path to stardom came with the hit single "Warlord's Daughtah", which dominated the BBC charts in the UK. Her 2008 released debut album, "Di Preparation", features production from some of the music industries finest producers including Kevin "Spyda" Brown of Citizen K Productions. He also did an exclusive remix to South Rakka Crew's originally produced "Bye Bye Bye", which can't be found on any album but is now available as Digital Release on CDBaby, iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody.

With "Bye Bye Bye Remix" producer/musician Kevin "Spyda" Brown has turned the original tune into a jump up dancehall piece. Lexie Lee demonstrates her skills as a lyricists-songwriter and unique delivery over an infectious bubbling poppy riddim track. "Bye Bye Bye (Citizen K Remix)" is a real dancefloor filler and has potential to become another smash hit for one of today's wickedest female dancehall artists.

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