Circulation Records
7" Single
March 4, 2002

Artist & tune

  • Cutty Ranks - Can I Touch U Baby (The Huh) / Can I Touch U Baby (Chopstick-Version)
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Former butcher Cutty Ranks - real name Philip Thomas - from Kingston, Jamaica, established his name in the late eighties/early nineties when he gained international recognition with chart busting hits such as "The Bomber", "Pon Me Nozzle", "The Stopper", "Six Million Ways To Die", "A Who Seh Me Dun", among others. In 1993 he recorded "Limb By Limb", which became a massive hit in the USA and suggested he would cross over in the same way as for example Shabba Ranks. However, it didn't happen that way. Now he gives it another try with a brand new single for Circulation Records entitled "Can I Touch U Baby (The Huh)". The foundation riddim track was produced by the great Sly Dunbar with added musical spices produced and arranged by Barry York in Kingston, Jamaica. "Can I Touch U Baby (The Huh)" is a solid effort with Cutty performing in fine style. With a groove that can be best described as a mixture of R&B-Reggae-Dancehall and a touch of Hip-Hop it's obvious that this piece is made to captivate the attention of the urban musical audience in order to bring Cutty Ranks into the mainstream. All in all truly well worth checking out!!