Xtra Large
Bruk Out
7" Single
October 17, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Bounty Killer - Can't believe mi eye / Version
  • Cobra - War / Version
  • Mr. Easy - Murder / Version
  • Baby Cham - Boom / Version
  • Wayne Wonder - Informers / Version
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Xtra Large is Dave Kelly's label for hardcore dancehall music produced by him under the alias Stranger.... and indeed he can be seen as a stranger amongst the other Jamaican producers. Instead of overflowing the market with countless tunes Dave carefully controls his productions by releasing only a few riddims a year. But what he is releasing will definitely turn out to be wicked dancehall smashes copied and versioned by other producers. Take e.g. "Pepperseed", "Arab", "Stink", "Joyride" and "Showtime" all instant dancehall classics ! As is this one, the successor to "Showtime", which is called "Bruk Out". The riddim is basic and simple but oh so hypnotising when you are on the dancefloor. Bounty's track has already proven to be very popular after tremendous airplay on Irie FM and this tune will bring him back in the dancehall together with other essential Bounty releases like "Warlord" (Opera House), "Mr. wanna be" (Fat Eyes) and "Tempt me" (HYFSD). Due to the controversial lyrics you will find a radio mix and a raw mix on the single. The other versions by Cobra, Mr. Easy, Baby Cham and Wayne Wonder are also very good. And Dave Kelly did it again, because you will hear this riddim on every dance at least till the end of this year!