Gee Records
7" Single / Digital Release
October 23, 2016

Artist & tune
  • Courtney John - Strangers / Strangers Version
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The first fruit of the collaboration between respected Jamaican vocalist and songwriter Courtney John and Paris-based producer/arranger and multi-instrumentalist Guillaume 'Gee' Metenier was the killer single "All I Know", which came across a funky reworking of Augustus Pablo's "East Of The River Nile".

And now, almost a year after the release of that single, there's its highly anticipated follow up entitled "Strangers". And although it seemed to be a very hard task to match or even outmatch the "All I Know" tune, this brand new single fully lives up to expectations as the duo comes up with another winner. And again it's striking to hear how Guillaume 'Gee' Metenier - with the help of musicians like Cyril Atef (drums), Nicodrum (percussion) and Thomas Naim (guitar) - manages to create a riddim track that is tailor made for the inimitable voice of Courtney John. A sublime mesmerizing riddim with a jazzy feel, a wonderful voice that reminds of the late great Curtis Mayfield and a lyrical content that keeps you involved... what more can you ask for? Also the "Version", with vocals floating in and out, is candy for the ears.

All in all a beautiful song truly worth spinning over and over again!