Special Delivery Music
Clean Vibes
7" Single
July 20, 2004

Artist & tune

  • Mykal Rose - Never Take It For Granted
  • Tony Rebel - Poison & Medicine
  • Turbulence - Don't Worry
  • Queen Omega - No Retire
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It doesn't take that much time before you know that the "Clean Vibes" riddim is an awesome backdrop. This heavy, one-drop roots riddim, built by Bost & Bim from France, is the first release on the "Special Delivery Music" label, which was founded in 2001 by Jay Pee Greve & Pierre Bost. The riddim is driven by a wicked bass line with furthermore nice keyboard layers and an appealing saxophone melody flowing through it. So far there are twelve versions available on 7" singles. Four of them are featured on the promo cd-r we got from "Special Delivery Music", all of them being good to excellent conscious efforts. Mykal Rose's "Never Take It For Granted" is a real killer with Tony Rebel's "Poison & Medicine" and Turbulence's "Don't Worry" being matching cuts. Also Queen Omega's "No Retire" maintains the quality standard and is worthwhile checking out. Besides the aforementioned cuts for the riddim there are also tunes by Chukki Starr ("Yoots Dem Want"), Alpheus ("Forgive Dem"), Queen Ifrica ("Love & Happiness"), Ryan ("Liberate"), Harry Toddler ("Jah Jah Joy"), Matinda ("A Tous Les Niveaux"), Mad Killah & Difanga ("Bonnes Paroles") and Brahim ("Le Fer Et La Pierre").