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November 25, 2013

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  • Caribbean Pulse - Blessed
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With critical acclaimed albums "Unity" (2000) and "Stand Up" (2003) and requests to perform in Jamaica, Europe, the Far East and all over the US, the future was looking very bright for Caribbean Pulse. However the group went on a musical hiatus in 2004 as the members of the band decided to take time out to pursue other ventures. But now, the very dynamic and powerful California based Reggae band is back and ready to re-enter the reggae arena. Caribbean Pulse's current line up consists of three core members, group leader and founder William Smith (rhythm guitar), his brother Jason "Bassy Jay" Smith (bass) and Ezzy Judah (lead vocalist & percussionist), while the band also includes Santa Davis on drums (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh), Michael Hyde on keyboards (Big Mountain, Wailing Souls), Gil Smith on keyboards (Lil Wayne, Chris Brown) and Steve Verhault on lead guitars (Barrington Levy).

Together with main producer Fabian Cooke, the band is working on a brand new album called "Yesterday", which is scheduled for release in 2014. Worldwide Reggae fans who have fond memories of the band's initial albums and single releases as well as those who have never heard any of their releases, are now given a foretaste of what they can expect as Caribbean Pulse has released the first single of their forthcoming album. The single is titled "Blessed" and besides being a very solid and throughout entertaining tune with nice melodic hooks, it's also a welcome return of a very promising Reggae band. "Blessed" deserves to be heard by anyone who likes to listen to well produced reggae music with a crossover appeal.