Jah Youth Productions / Goldheart Music
Digital Release
September 17, 2013

Artist & tune

  • Daweh Congo - Indo
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Daweh Congo is a Roots artist of the highest degree and his resilience in the arena is tuff like a lion. The son of Leo Graham (legendary artist and singer with The Bleechers), Daweh recorded his first song for Alton Ellis! The ever observant Barry O'Hare produced his blazing debut "Militancy" (1999, RUNNetherlands). He took the world by storm with Burning Spearesque qualities but an originality all his own. He has never looked back. Albums like "Guidance" (Charm, 2000), "Human Rights & Justice", "Jah Children" (2004) and "Health & Strength" (2005) are all modern classics. In 2009, he linked with Sweden's foremost Roots producer Jonah Gold (Goldheart Music) for his most adventurous set to date. Jonah Gold's work with Daweh, Sheya Mission, Mysticman and many others have opened eyes and hearts around Creation. The Daweh-Jonah Gold link resulted in "Ghetto Skyline"; an absolute masterpiece.

Jah Youth (Jeffrey Boehler) is regarded as Hawaii's top notch producer. He's been on the scene for a decade now and has worked with the cream of singers and producers. He's worked with Daweh Congo (since 2004), Niyorah, Messenjah Selah, Perfect Giddimani, Natty King, rising talent Kaya Lambsbread and most recently with Rob Symeon. Jah Youth is a humble Rastaman who collaborates and creates mighty works. His unity production with Jonah Gold is a promising sign.

Indo is a Roots excursion from start to finish. The riddim, recorded at Jonah Gold's Studio, features superior players of instruments (many of whom played on "Ghetto Skyline"). Talking about Daniel Spahni (drums); Hijacka (bass); Desmond Foster (guitar) and Jonah Gold (keys, backing vox, percussion). Fantastic harmonica is provided by Richard Danielsson. Daweh Congo voiced this thunderable riddim at Mixing Lab (JA). A rousing harmonica opens up this "one drop" in fine fashion. Over a riddim that features taut drumming, thundering basswork, guitar that is licked to perfection and intelligent key and percussion, Daweh Congo comes out like gently rolling thunder over Kilimanjaro. He gives authentic praise to the perfume of Mt. Zion in true manner.

Yes indeed, there are countless Ganja anthems out deh but this is an ode; a meditation of the proper use and just Royal! His Burning Spear's approach is evident here, but he injects calm manners and thoughtful lyrics - "Good seeds I sow will grow" and "I'm the Bush Doctor of The West Indies". He also includes "chant-jay" stylings that are excitable. The Inity production of Jah Youth/Jonah Gold is top-ranking to say the least! There's a golden touch pon the controls here and it's clean, crisp with just the right amount of Dubby atmosphere prevails. It's amazing how the harmonica tracks strings all the way through. All in all, the production harks back to The Golden Years but has a dose of modern that's truly engaging. You need to experience this excitable track and is a great example of the positive future of Real Sounds paying homage to the past. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!