Shang Records/Jet Star
Crazy Baldhead
June 2, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Ky-Mani - Dear Dad (Various Mixes)
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Bob Marley's offspring all seem determined to follow in their great father's footsteps. The latest Marley clan member deejay-turned-singer Ky-Mani is definitely gearing up to take the world by storm according to this brooding, effective Dear dad, a seriously heavy open letter to the "King of Reggae" from a loving and respectful son. Ky-Mani - an East-African name meaning "adventurer" - utilizes the heavier than lead cut of "Crazy Baldhead" that Sly & Robbie built for Luciano & Beenie Man's classic version a couple of years ago.

His self-penned honest and impressive lyrics, delivered with a voice that sounds so much like the late great Bob that it's uncanny, really touch the heart and stir the soul. This CD single contains five different mixes, almost 20 minutes breathtaking excitement. Wicked and essential, a real killer tune! LYRICS:

"Dear God,
I have a letter from me to Dad, and I want to let you know it might be a little sad.

(Here it goes) - Dear Dad, I really didn't get to know you, and sometimes I sit and wonder and it makes me blue, but there's one memory that stays on the back of my mind, and this memory got me thinking 'bout you all the time. Oh Pa I swear we miss you so and I wish that you were here to see your boys grow. In case you're wondering. Mammy she's doing fine, and she tells me stories 'bout you Papa all the time. So when I'm down and out, lonely or just feeling blue, all I do Dadda Daddy is think of you. The thoughts alone erase my fears and dries my tears. I'm just writing to let you know someone cares.
Daddy I love you. I love you, really, really love you. Daddy I miss you, I miss you and I know my brothers and sisters do too. I love you, really, really love you: oh Lord that's so true. And I know you gave your love to the people, and some of whom you thought you could'a trust, they deceived you, but betrayal brings another day, at least that's what my mama say. And when I'm through, I'm gonna place this letter in the Bible and I'm gonna pray to Jah to send his disciples to deliver you this letter - Lord it will make me feel much better."

P.S. So much things I will like to know, so much things to say, but I'm going to save it 'cause I know we'll be together some day. I'm just writing to let you know someone cares. And to let you know you left the whole world in tears, "wow" I swear we miss you so. Wishing you were here."