Lions Den
Digital Release / 12" Vinyl Single (Limited Edition)
August 28, 2016

Artist & tune
  • Violinbwoy feat. Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Your Brother / Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Dub
  • Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Nobody, Please (Digitron Remix) / Don't Kill Dub! (Digitron Remix)
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After the release of Violinbwoy & Daniel Zabon's free downloadable "Jah Horns Guide" and the 12" vinyl single "I Man Be Free" by Violinbwoy feat. Kali Green & Saralène, comes the second of three 12" singles of a project that features Lion Den's collaborative work with talented Polish musician/producer Violinbwoy. This one sees Echo Ranks from Leicester UK coming up with a message tune across a heavy steppas riddim created by Violinbwoy. Echo Ranks is a great singer with a powerful vocal style, very true to the original and classic singers of the 70's and 80's. Since he emerged on the scene he has worked with various producers and artists including Vibronics from his hometown, Weeding Dub, Kanka, Madu Messenger, Hatti Vatti, Dub Providers, and Radikal Guru.

Side A opens with the heavy-weight "Don't Kill Your Brother", a tune very much needed in these times of political turmoil and warfare. It's a message of peace as Echo Ranks calls upon his I-dren to stop the senseless killing. After Echo Ranks' awesome vocal cut, it's time to fulljoy Violinbwoy's dub extravaganza entitled "Don't Kill Your Dub". A very entertaining effort that will surely appeal to the avid dubhead. The flipside features the electronic style remixes expertly done by Vrki aka WRX from the 'Balkan Dub Defenders' Digitron Sound outta Zagreb, Croatia, and bass player from Radikal Dub Kolektiv. His psy-hooligan-steppas-approach of the tracks is different to Violinbwoy's work, but both still incorporate fine heavy vibrations in full effect.

Another worthy release from Berlin-based Lion Den's label.