Fiwi Music
Old Skool
7" Single
October 14, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Mr. Vegas - Do You Know
  • Rudy - Float Away
  • Courtney 'Yogie' John - When You Say
  • Lenn Hammond - Quality Time
  • Jovi Rockwell - It's All About Love
  • Ghost - I Swear
  • Divine Brown - Old Skool Love
  • Lukie D - Missing You
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"Old Skool" is one of the latest riddims coming from FiWi Music's production camp that -- as the name of the riddim indicates -- brings back the values of the good old days of reggae and lovers rock. Mr. Vegas is widely known as the dancehall singjay who achieved his international breakthrough with such dancehall boomshots as "Heads High", "Nike Air" "Pull Up", "Tamale" and "Hot Gal Today". Only few know that he's equally at home with melodic reggae riddims as can be heard while listening to his moving lovers tune "Do You Know", one of the best cuts voiced over the "Old Skool" riddim. Furthermore the roster of artists who have delivered their own piece for the riddim features well known hitmakers like Ghost, Courtney John (formerly known as Yogie), Lukie D and Lenn Hammond and also the lesser known but nevertheless much promising new-comers Rudy, Jovi Rockwell and Divine Brown. Rudy's "Float Away", Courtney John's "What You Say", Ghost's "I Swear" and Lenn Hammond's "Quality Time" maintain the quality of the Mr. Vegas tune and are truly worth of hearing. With the other efforts being not far behind it's obvious that this is a very enjoyable and entertaining bunch of tunes.