Jove Music
November 11, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Abbakush & Trevor Hartley - Dreaming Of Afrika / Abbakush - Batta Dem / Abbakush - Batta Dub / Abbakush - It's You / Abbakush - It's You (Stubborn Mix)
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Abbakush was formed in 1981 in the UK. They were the first predominantly female reggae band in the UK. They're a roots band committed to the Rastafarian ideals of love, peace and unity. The band's name - Abbakush - combines 'Abbah' (the ancient word for father) and 'Kush' (Africa, the motherland).

The title track, with superb guest vocals from Trevor Hartley, was inspired by the band's trip to Ethiopia. It's a strong and convincing roots song, very melodic and it reminds me of some Morgan Heritage songs. The next track, Batta Dem is an updated version of one of the band's early roots classics. The dub is a traditional drum and bass (& trombone!) workout and is very enjoyable. The track It's You - arranged by Mafia & Fluxy - is un uptempo dancehall flavoured roots cut. The riddim tracks were built by Mafia & Fluxy, with musical production and mixes by Gussie P, at A-Class Studios.

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