RudeGal Entertainment
Promo CD-R
February 2, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Mr. Easy feat. Kevin Lyttle - Drive Me Crazy
  • Mr. Easy - Break Her Heart
  • Mr. Easy feat. Red Foxx - Bounce That
  • Mr. Easy - It's Crazy
  • Mr. Easy - Michelle
  • Mr. Easy feat. Hollow Point - Burn
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From RudeGal Entertainment - also the management for Mr. Easy - comes this Promo CD-R, featuring six solid to excellent tunes from one of Dancehall's smoothest singers. Mr. Easy - real name Ian Dyer - was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but when moving to the US during his pre-teens, he was primarily raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is not a newcomer in music business as he had an album out in 1994 called "Call Me Easy" when he was signed to Quest/Motown Records. However, since then he has just released lots of singles for a variety of producers. Production credits for the six tunes included here go to Tony "CD" Kelly, Vada Nobles (who worked on Lauryn Hill's album "Miseducation of Lauryn"), Christopher Birch, Donovan "Vendetta" Bennett and Cordell "Skatta" Burrell. Mr. Easy handles all riddims with great ease and his vocal delivery never disappoints. Personal favourite tunes are "Break Her Heart" across the hot "Military" riddim, the combination tune "Bounce That", "Michelle" on the "Tighty Tighty" riddim and "It's Crazy" over Tony Kelly's "Katana" riddim.