Black Scorpio Records
She's Mine
Digital Release
September 2, 2015

Artist & tune

  • Eek-A-Mouse - Money Making
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Ludicrous, bizarre, and uniquely original, few deejays have made such a splash in the dancehall scene than Eek-A-Mouse. An artist who in any other country would have been a one-hit wonder, in Jamaica he became a household name having invented a whole new vocal style, sing-jay, flooding the airwaves with his catch phrases and going on to become a respected toaster. During the eighties he flooded the market with countless tunes and scored numerous hits.

His latest effort sees him in combination with veteran producer Maurice 'Jack Scorpio' Johnson who was resposible for some of the best dancehall and reggae hits of the eigties and nineties. He and Barrington Levy scored a monstrous hit in 1988 with 'She's Mine' and countless versions followed. Decades later Eek-A-Mouse picked up the riddim and he certainly did a hell of a job, both lyrically and musically... "Biddy biddy beng"... we want some more!