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Kingston City
Digital Single
February 10, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Emani - Kingston City
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Every now and then a young budding talent enters the Jamaican reggae charts with a debut single, thus making an encouraging start of the successful music career he/she is longing for. International reggae singer/songwriter Emani is one of those artists as he recently entered Richie B's Reggae Top 25 chart with his first single "Kingston City".

Born Clifford Emanuel Tishman in Dayton, Ohio, Emani grew up in the town of Madison, Wisconsin. As a child he was captivated by reggae music and listened to it almost exclusively, grasping and understanding the patois as he grew up with it. Although Hip Hop was the music of choice amongst his peers, and the first genre he first cut his teeth on as a musician, it was not until he attempted to sing reggae music that he found his calling.

It had always been a life long dream of Emani to one day visit Jamaica and this dream came true in 2007, when he was awarded a University scholarship to study at the University of Technology in Jamaica. This trip allowed Emani to pursue his passion for humanitarian work, as a volunteer teacher in Flecthers land, while learning the original reggae vibe from the root.

For many people when they hear of Kingston, Jamaica, they think crime, violence and fear. Emani's experience in Kingston was opposite of the picture so often painted of it. It inspired him to write, record and produce the song "Kingston City", which is underpinned by a live played original riddim from the Dubtonic Kru. Vocally and lyrically Emani makes a good impression, with his skills and talent shining throughout. Truly well worth checking this singer and his song!