Heartical -
Fade Away
7" Single - digital download
January 4, 2008

Artist & tune

  • General Levy - See A Man Face / Basque Dub Foundation & Dub Terror - Dub Nah Fade
  • Lukie D Uprising / Rootsamala - Never Walk Away
  • Queen Omega - Shining Light / Roberto Sanchez - Wise Enough
  • Chronicle - Serve Jah / Papa Kojak - Rise & Shine
  • Michael Rose - Never Surrender / Basque Dub Foundation & Dougie Wardrop - Melodica Way
  • Wayne Smith - Ask Jah / Basque Dub Foundation & Dougie Wardrop - Melodica Way
  • Troublesome - Hungry Youths / Difanga - Jah Cours
  • Hopeton James - The Stalker / Uman & Difanga - Plus 2 Love
  • Ranking Joe - Heartbeat / Basque Dub Foundation & Dougie Wardrop - Melodica Way
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The great soundsystem from Paris, France Heartical already impressed with the series of 7"s on 'Real Rock', 'Fade Away' and Aswad's 'Dub Fire', all impeccably revamped by Iñaki Yarritu's Basque Dub Foundation and their brilliant relick and production of the 1973 Glen Brown & Lloyd Parkes gem 'Slaving' (also known from Sylford Walker's excellent "Chant Down Babylon" he cut in 1978 for Glen Brown). And now a second batch of tunes, spread over 4 7"s, using Basque Dub Foundation's recut of 'Fade Away' - laid by Earl 'Chinna' Smith for Junior Byles - has been released.

90s veteran General Levy showed that he is not only able of speedrapping lyrics over hardcore dancehall and jungle riddims, but also of riding a riddim with a rootsy oldschool flow inspired delivery on his very convincing reality tune "Time Dread" across the 'Promised Land’-riddim and he proves it again here with the superb "See A Man Face" that is backed by the great "Dub Nah Fade" dub cut by the Basque Dub Foundation with Dub Student joining BDF at the mixing desk at Dub Terror Studios in London. On the second 45 one of the best singers currently coming out of Jamaica, Lust's Lukie D sings the wonderful uplifting "Uprising" and Spanish Brother Angelo & Sister Raquel forming the vocal duo Rootsamala - who already contributed the brilliant "Where U Gonna Run" to the 'Dub Fire' selection - outperform themselves with the magnificent "Never Walk Away".

Trinidadian female singjay Queen Omega is in very fine form on "Shining Light", but the B-side of this 45 is even better as multitalented Spanish singer, musician, engineer & Lone Ark producer Roberto Sanchez delivers the superb "Wise Enough" before on the next 7" Chronicle, who has become a household name on Heartical productions, with his clearly by Barrington Levy inspired style contributes the very fine "Serve Jah" before one of those seemingly lost legends from the past, Papa Kojak - who was back in the late 70s when he formed a legendary male/female DJ-combination with Liza known as Nigger Kojak - shows that he has still (30 years later) lost nothing of his toasting talent with "Rise & Shine" giving Jah the glory.

And besides these 4 excellent singles, the first batch of Heartical's 'Fade Away' selection that was released in the spring of 2005 on 5 45s is available as well, kicking of with the very strong Waterhouse wailing approach of veteran and former Black Uhuru lead singer Michael Rose and his affirming "Never Surrender" backed with the wonderful instrumental BDF cut of 'Fade Away' "Melodica Way" mixed by Dougie Wardrop and on the next 7" it is Wayne 'Sleng Teng' Smith showing what a great singer he still is and how he is as much at ease on a roots riddim with his conscious "Ask Jah".

"Hungry Youths" is the very impressive debut of UK DJ Troublesome, who is still making steady progression now under the tutelage of Mafia & Fluxy, releasing several tunes over their riddims lately, with Difanga's solo version of "Jah Cours" sharing this double A-sider. The sweet falsetto voice of Hopeton James delivers the seductive "The Stalker" very very soulfully, mixing his smooth lovers lyrics and style with the heavy dubbed up 'Fade Away'-riddim, followed by the French combination of great singer Difanga blended with the rough DJ parts out of Brussels, Belgium from Uman in "Jah Cours Part 2" on the other side as "Plus 2 Love" on this second double A-sider.

Veteran Studio One, SturGav and Jah Screw DJ Ranking Joe delivers the great oldschool DJ version of "The Stalker" on the next 45 "Heartbeat" taking you way back in time on the last vocal tune of this first batch of the 'Fade Away'-selection. Once again there really is no weakish tune in this latest Heartical selection (and the first set of tunes from 2005 across the same riddim), the 'Fade Away'-riddim that highlights the strength of Basque Dub Foundation's relick, Dougie Wardrop & Dub Student's mixing skills and Heartical's production.

For soundsystem selectors and other vinyl-buyers this is a must have selection of great rootsy tunes on a classic riddim, and for those who got rid of their turntables long ago, all tunes can be bought at, still leaving us CD-buyers hoping for Sir Jo to compile a one-riddim album featuring all the tunes released across this riddim (and by the way, the same applies to Heartical's 'Real Rock'-riddim, 'Slaving'-riddim and 'Dub Fire'-riddim). Sir Jo & his Heartical Crew and Basque Dub Foundation surely possess the talent to produce extremely satisfying tunes over brilliant relicks of classical riddims.