7" Single
July 7, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Buccaneer - Fade Away / Version
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In the summer of 1996 Andrew Bradford aka Buccaneer made a serious impact with his outlandish "Skettel Concerto", a tune that cleverly combined dancehall excitement with classical music. Buccaneer continued to perform and record in his outrageous, operatic style of sing-jaying, thus unmistakably making clear that the classical element in his tunes was no one-trick gimmick. With his latest single "Fade away" - a cut of Enya's "Orinoco Flow" - Buccaneer, once again, showcases his versitality and highly imaginitive approach as he combines the "classical" sounding chorus parts with the dancehall style of the verses. And for those who want another clue... it is the Gallist version of "Bad man nuh stray", one of this years most sought after tunes.