Fams House Music
Pre-release promo copy
April 8, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Junior Reid - Some Say
  • G-Whizz & Junior Reid - It's Gonna Be Alright
  • G-Whizz - She Bad
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Fams House Music, the label of Aston 'Famz' Barrett Jr. - the son legendary Wailers bass player Aston 'Family Man' Barret - is about to release these three wonderful singles, one by Junior Reid, one by Fams House protégé G-Whizz and a combination by these two artists. Junior Reid does the extremely impressive solo-tune "Some Say" on which not only his Waterhouse-style-delivery perfectly matches the riddim, but that is lyrically very strong as well, each time dropping a statement like some say Kartel is good, but some say Mavado is better, some say Mavado is good, but some say Kartel is better in the end asking why can't we all agree. A truly great single by Junior Reid over its hip hop inspired riddim.

Junior Reid then teams up with talented young singer - and Fams House artist - G-Whizz for the excellent combination "It's Gonna Be Alright" with its uplifting message. G-Whizz, born as Garland Germaine Rowe in Linstead, St. Catherine on Jamaica on January 28th 1983, has always been attracted to singing - he got awarded a Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Music when leaving high school - and now spends most of his time at Fams House Studio, where he also recorded the wonderfully sung solo single "She Bad" (But I Like It). An extremely talented and great sounding singer of whom we will surely hear more in the near future. Till then, be sure to pick up these singles upon their official release.