Reggae Goldmine
12" Single
April 27, 2004

Artist & tune

  • Anthony B - Fight Dem A Fight / Winston Wheel - Whatever You Want / Anthony B - Live In Love / Derrick Lara - Bad Vibes
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This 12" release features two cuts from militant chanter Anthony B which were originally released as 7" singles on the former Zola & Zola label. Then they were included on both the 1998 released Rhino cd "Anthony B & Friends" and the Jamaican Vibes compilation set "Anthony B & Idrin: DJ Reggae Showcase". "Fight Dem A Fight" and also "Live And Love" are two of the five Anthony B tunes K.C. White produced for Zola & Zola Records. Due to K.C. White cheating the artists and Zola & Zola Records by claiming all publishing rights for himself despite the agreement to publish the lyrics of all songs in the name of the artist and on top of this the disappearing of a lot of money without K.C. able to give account for it, Zola & Zola Records were forced to stop their activities.

Anthony B, a figurehead in promoting the Bobo Ashanti faith within Rastafarianism to the highest profile spiritual influence, comes up with two decent efforts. "Fight Dem A Fight" is a nice tune delivered over an original riddim, while "Live In Love" is underpinned by a wicked revitalised riddim that incorporates great horns. Both riddim tracks were expertly laid in Jamaica by UK riddim twins Mafia & Fluxy (cousins of K.C. White). Also included here are recordings of "Whatever you want" by Winston Wheel and "Bad Vibes" by Derek Lara using the riddims of "Fight Dem A Fight" and "Live In Love" respectively and both produced once again by K.C. White.