7" Single
August 30, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Red Fox - Gal A Try / Earthquake Version
  • Merciless - Sharp Shooter / Earthquake Version
  • Sean Paul & Chicken - Draw Card / Earthquake Version
  • Brian & Tony Gold - Careless Life / Earthquake Version
  • Rayvon - All Day All Night / Earthquake Version
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Early 1998 Greensleeves Records started to include 7" singles in their release schedule and since they have delivered numerous - predominantly dancehall - tunes from some of the finest producers, musicians and artists. Their latest set focusses on the production work of Big Yard's Robert Livingston and Sting Pizzonia, whose Big Yard Crew delivers their newest trembler, the "Earthquake" riddim. Spinning the five records on the turntable it seems as if this fast-paced riddim fits the deejay better than the singer.

Brooklyn deejay Red Fox - a contemporary of Shaggy and just like him associated with Robert Livingston - showcases his raw and hardcore approach riding the riddim seemingly effortless. Merciless delivers a solid dancehall tune as well and - although Red Fox's cut is the slightly better one - both records are definitely well worth checking out. Sometimes combined forces work out surprisingly well, but when it comes to Sean Paul and Chicken it doesn't. There's nothing that makes this combination a special one and, indeed, in the end these two deejays fail to make any impression.

Most singers usually have problems mastering a fast-paced riddim and - in this case - sweet-voiced Brian & Tony Gold are no exception. It's evident that the duo had to work hard to bring their golden voices in front and although they deliver a nice effort after all, the overall opinion is that they didn't succeed in making their cut an above avarage one. On the other hand Rayvon possesses just that kind of singing style that enables him to handle a fast-paced riddim very well. With his version Rayvon unmistakably showcases this ability, thus making his record an enjoyable and certainly solid one.