12" Single
August 30, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Red Rat & Chico - Girls Dem Highway / Red Rat - Mix Up Melissa
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Red Rat, formerly deejaying under the name Mice back in 1995, was certainly 1997's rage in Kingston, New York and London with tunes like "Dwayne", "Big Man Little Yute" and "Shelly-Ann" belonging to the most selected in the dancehalls. Many lovers of dancehall music became well-known with Red Rat's catch phrase "Oooh Noo!" and started using it to express either their appreciation or deprecation. Greensleeves Records released his debut album Oh No...It's Red Rat from which they have taken "Girls Dem Highway" as the A side of a double A-sided 12" single. This tune, in combination with the up-and-coming singer Chico, is definitely a more mature groove than the aforementioned ones. It can be qualified as a nice light-hearted song, containing a more mainstream feel than we are used to, especially when it comes to Danny Brownie's production style and the deliverance of both artists. The flip side showcases a more convincing Red Rat as he utilizes the infectious and in demand "Splash" riddim in his inimitable style. The final result is a decent dancehall tune which will surely find its way to the turntables of the selectors, who have deservedly embraced this youth's records as they have proven to be real dancefloor fillers.