Masse-One Records
Promo CD-Single
April 24, 2001

Artist & tune

    DJ Collage - Good Times Gwaan (7" Mix) / Good Times Version
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Although being in music business since the early nineties it lasted until fall last year before US-based DJ Collage really came onto the worldwide Reggae scene with the release of his self-produced dancehall/hip-hop flavored EP "Uptown/Downtown" on his own "Masse-One" label. Now DJ Collage presents his brandnew piece, entitled "Good Times Gwaan". This solid tune can best be described as a fusion of early dancehall and R&B vibes with a modern production feel. The combination of DJ Collage delivering his lyrics in a more or less declaiming style and the infectious, repetitive riddim works well. While more than once listening to the voice and the beat one soon comes into a kind of hypnotizing dancing mood. So, let the good times and play dis ya likkle piece ah chune and feel good vibes all ova!

Note : "Good Times Gwaan" will be released inna traditional JA 7" vinyl format.