Night Crawler
7" Single
May 2, 1998

Artist & tune

  • Red Rat - Goody 2 Shoes / Steely & Clevie - Night Crawler
  • Goofy - Terri Little Putty Cat / Demo Delgado - Mad Dem Mi Dear
  • Mr. Vegas - Hit Him Back/ General B - U Nah Do It
  • Mad Cobra - Clump Up/ Devonte - Scream 'N' Galong
  • Merciless - Mr. Hart Harden / Roundhead Cruise Control
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Some two decades ago the Greensleeves Records' label kicked off with two 7" singles (Reggae Regulars' "Where is Jah" and the classic "Born for a purpose" by Dr. Alimantado). Now, in 1998, they are back on the 7" singles trail as they have started to release double A-sided 7" singles (real value for money !!). After creating the smash hit dancehall riddims "Taranchyla" and "Black Widow" young budding producer talent Shane Richards debuts his newest creation the "Night crawler" riddim on what already happens to be Greensleeves' seventh "one riddim" delivery in a row. The entirely computer-driven riddim, which is laid by Steely & Clevie at their own Studio 2000, represents the hardcore dancehall sound of now. Almost every cut on this "Night Crawler" riddim is a solid dancehall tune with Mr. Vegas' version standing out.