10" Single
November 20, 2007

Artist & tune

  • Madu Messenger - Government Man / Livication Riddim Section - Version / Echo Ranks - It A Go Dread / Livication Riddim Section - Version
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Brand new vinyl release from Scoops Records and Vibronics, part of three limited edition 10" singles which contain efforts from six singers based in Leicester, Midlands UK, to celebrate the rich diversity of the city. The first release in the series features Madu Messenger, the mainstay of the Vibronics live show who has performed together with Vibronics in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland during 2007.

Madu Messenger came from a churchical background and so was singing from an early age. He has always been influenced by different forms of music, but it was the drum and bass harmonics of reggae he was most drawn to. He's a singer with dinstictive vocal style, at points leaning to a more declaiming style instead of singing. His vocal delivery contrasts with the heavyweight steppers sound, which makes it not that easy to appreciate "Government Man" when you play it the very first times. It definitely has to grow on you but in the end it turns out to be an enjoyable tune to listen to.

On the AA side it's Echo Ranks who shows his skills and talent over the same riddim track. Echo Ranks performs live with Vibronics and Iration Steppas as well as working on studio productions for Slodemki in Poland and WebCam in France. He served his formative years as MC for Leicester's leading Sound Systems and as live singing star for The Dub Factory. He made his vinyl debut on SCOOPS Records in autumn 2004. Compared the Madu Messenger's "Government Man", it's Echo Ranks who delivers the best track for the riddim. His powerful vocal delivery fits the riddim perfectly well and turns "It A Go Dread" into an awesome militant steppers piece!

Both vocal tracks are followed by blistering dub versions, a great addition and truly worth of hearing.

Leicester weighs in on the musical tip with roots percussion on all tracks provided by I-Mitri from CounterAction, and brass section by the Splitz Horns.