Rootdown Records JAMAICA
Number One
7" Single
March 7, 2007

Artist & tune

  • Geoffrey Star - Number One / Jr. Blender - Number One Version
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The idea for this cover of John Legend's popular "Number One" popped up during a visit to Jamaica with the bundled energy of 3 people resulting in this special tune. Geoffrey Star, born as Geoffrey Forrest in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica has already been working in the reggae industry for over 15 years. At first as studio-engineer and studio-owner, later as background-singer and musical director for the renowned Kings Of Kings label. Geoffrey's father is the well-known late 60s and 70s bass player Bertam 'Ranchie' McLean, so he was born into music and at an early age already professionally educated musically. From 2002 on he started touring as backing singer for a.o. Fred Locks, Lady Saw, Wayne Wonder and the Mighty Diamonds, later on touring the USA, Japan, Europe and the Carribean with Iley Dread, Cocoa Tea, Glen Washington and Bushman, before concentrating on developing a solo career in the last two years.

I first noticed him as Jeffery Star across Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's first one drop riddim 'Dropleaf' with the well sung "I'm Sorry", before he shone (alongside Pampi Judah) on German soundsystem Kingstone's 'The Truth' with "Give Thanks For Life", his successor for Don Corleon "Picture You And Me" over 'Seasons' and the excellent "Love In Jam Down" over Gumption Production's 'Battlefield' and although not being that prolific, with "Over & Over" he delivered another excellent tune for In The Streetz over Byron Murray's 'Street Swing'-riddim.

Both "I'm Sorry" and "Picture You And Me" are supposed to be featured on his upcoming debut-EP on which also this excellent version of "Number One" is supposed to be included. The beautiful lovers riddim for this version of the John Legend 'sorry, I promise not to do it again'-tune - that already made into the dubbox of 2005 World Clash NYC winners Sentinel - was produced by Germany's now to Brooklyn, NYC, relocated remix wizard Jr. Blender - who made his claim to fame with a couple of very popular remix 45s as Champion Sound and who has some more voicings by Geoffrey Star in the can. It's no miracle this tune sounds so good, as it's not only been voiced in Kingston at 321 Recording Studio, but the mixing & mastering was done at Big Ship by the now most in demand talented young producer Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor. Now all that's left to be done is compiling either the debut-EP or even better Geoffrey Star's full-length debut album and releasing it.