One Ton / Nation Records
7" Single
January 6, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Phenomden - Gueti Musig / Gfange
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This is the latest release on Switzerland's One Ton Records, the label of Ganglords' bass player Philip 'One Ton'. The Swiss Ganglords started surprising the world with their Jamaican recorded JA top notch artists on their own riddims on their first two albums "Kingston Confidential" and "Burning Up" and have since been somewhat out of the public's eye, until they came back very strong with their "Groovy Situation / Gschpür Das!" a Schwytzerdütsch take by Bligg'n'Lexx on Keith Rowe's classic, that was featured on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 1" 4 years ago, and have lately been extremely succesfull with their 'Bonx It'-riddim, on which Skarra Mucci's name-giving tune was the runner, but the equally strong "Cha Nüt Defür" debut single by Phenom(enal)Den(nis Furrer) made it to "Dancehallfieber Vol. 4". Phenomden is brought back in for more niceness now. First there's the Ganglords own wicked bass driven rootsy backing for the nice and upfull "Gueti Musig" Good Music, before Switzerland's other significant and almost equally strong dancehall (but also broadening their range to ska and other JA music) outfit Scrucialists provide the backing for the also extremely entertaining "Gfange" Captured. Fine lyrics on both tunes, although for most people the Swiss version of German might be more difficult too understand than Patois for a native English-speaker, but the vibes are nice. The two tunes on this single provide together with the aforementioned "Cha Nüt Defür" a preview raising high expectations for Phenomden's debut album that is about to be released on One Ton Records in early April, with not only riddims by Switzerland's Ganglords and Scrucialists, but contributions from Sud Soundsystem and Germany's Silly Walks as well. Till then, these tunes are certainly worth grabbin, and if you're into vinyl you might add Spectacular's "Bag On My Back" to your basket as well.