Juggling Records / NW10 Music
(Enhanced) CD single
September 4, 2002

Artist & tune

  • Antonio - Hero / Hero (Ballad Mix) / Don't Cry
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UK-based singer Antonio, a natural successor to Jamaican stars like Sanchez, Tony Curtis and Wayne Wonder, achieved his breakthrough to a wider audience with a cover version of Wycleff's hit song "Your Love Is My Love". Although Antonio's solid debut album "So Many Signs" showed that the singer's excellent vocal technique and feel enables him to tackle lovers as well as reality themes to full effect, it's obvious that his vocal style makes him a natural for delivering sugary, reggae cover versions. This is once again proven by Antonio's latest effort entitled "Hero", a song for the honeys. Singer Antonio and producer Trevor "Juggling" T are in winning fashion here. Antonio's version of "Hero", which was originally written and performed by Enrique Iglesias, is truly well done and the production quality is first rate. A song that will find its way to fans of "Big People Music". After the "Ballad Mix" of "Hero" we're are treated to another lovers tune "Don't Cry", also very enjoyable and worth of hearing. As an extra the video of "Hero" is included on this enhanced cd-single.