Humal Records
Smiling Face
7" single
October 22, 2001

Artist & tune

  • Macka B - Home Land Africa / Smiling Face Ridim
  • Prince Malachi - Armagideon / Smiling Face Ridim
  • Admiral Tibett - No Love Without Feelings / Smiling Face Ridim
  • Nereus Joseph - Show Little Love / Smiling Face Ridim
  • Skibu - Be Ready / Smiling Face Ridim
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Although Humal Records out of Birmingham UK emerged on the reggae market some two years ago, it's already obvious that anything on Ransford aka The African's Humal label is well worth hearing. Some ten 45s and Skibu's full length debut album "Surround Me With Love" have already shown a good glimpse of The African's dream of...creating a UK version Of Motown Records...of being surrounded by talented musicians, artists and writers...and making quality music for both ethnic and mainstream audiences. Now Humal Records has released another remarkable set of well produced 45s featuring versions for the wonderful "Smiling Face" riddim, actually a reworking of the Paragons' classic "You And Your Smiling Face". Again the listener is treated to quality reggae music delivered by fine and well respected artists from yard and the UK, who benefit from the fine and skillful backing vocals, the expertly perfected backdrop and the production work of The African which is first-rate. To us Prince Malachi's "Armagideon" and Nereus Joseph's "Show Little Love" are the prime cuts, with Admiral Tibett's "No Love Without Feelings" being not far behind. Birmingham chatter Macka B - hardly ever recording without the watchful supervision of the Mad Professor - excels in "Home Land Africa" and delivers one of his finest tunes and also Skibu's "Be Ready" is a truly matching piece. Very enjoyable, so check them out!!