Heartical / Finetunes / Soundquake
7" / digital release
23 December, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Mykal Roze - Hypocrites Warning
  • Anthony Johnson - Tribulation
  • David 'Steel Pulse' Hinds - Positivity
  • Patrick Andy - Got To Do
  • Rootsamala - Injustice
  • Silvertones - Poverty
  • Kojak - Freedom Fighters
  • Joseph Cotton - Perpetrators
  • Glen Ricks - Name Of The Father
  • General Levy - Life Hard
  • Original Uman - Parcours Santé
  • BDF & Dub Terror - Dubbing Tonight
  • BDF - Midnight Organ
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The great soundsystem from Paris, France Heartical already impressed with the series of 7"s on 'Real Rock', two batches of 7"s on 'Fade Away' and Aswad's 'Dub Fire', all impeccably revamped by Iñaki Yarritu's Basque Dub Foundation and their brilliant relick and production of the 1973 Glen Brown & Lloyd Parkes gem 'Slaving' (also known from Sylford Walker's excellent "Chant Down Babylon" he cut in 1978 for Glen Brown). And of course with their first original riddim on the Heartical label, the excellent 'Ministerio Del Dub'-riddim, of course laid by the Basque Dub Foundation. And now Heartical's Sir Joe & BDF relick another classic, Keith & Tex' 'Tonight'-riddim, recorded originally in 1967 at Derrick Harriot.

The first track features Mykal Roze, a Heartical stalwart appearing on all of their selections, contributing his conscious "Hypocrites Warning" in Waterhouse style, followed by Anthony 'Gunshot' Johnson delivering a great tribute to the late Crownprince of reggae music Dennis Emmanuel Brown with "Tribulation" and Steel Pulse leadvocalist and guitar player David Hinds who seldom records for any other than his own Steel Pulse label making once more an exception for Heartical to voice his great "Positivity". Patrick Andy not surprisingly sounds just like his last-namesake on the strong "Got To Do" before Brother Angelo and Raquel a.k.a. Sista Rock, together forming Spanish vocal-duo Rootsamala, give us the stunning "Injustice".

Studio One veterans the Silvertones (of "Smile" fame) show they still are one of the greatest vocal harmony groups with "Poverty" and then veteran rub-a-dub DJ Papa Kojak a.k.a. Nigger Kojak on his third release on the Heartical label toasts in true oldschool fashion about the "Freedom Fighters" we've all to got be with the strength and power Jah gave us followed by another true veteran DJ, Joseph Cotton hitting out against all "Perpetrators" of violence, being the men dem (and not the women dem). Underrated singer Glen Ricks sings the heartfelt "In The Name Of The Father" expressing his faith in Jah and 90s speedrap and raggajungle veteran General Levy once more proves how easily he is able to be in command across a roots riddim like 'Tonight' as well with his reality-tune "Life Hard".

The last vocal tune in this selection bears French lyrics, courtesy of Original Uman from Brussels, Belgium, demonstrating his very nice flow in "Parcours Santé", but what would a Heartical selection be without a couple of big instrumentals and dubs? Iñaki Yarritu's Basque Dub Foundation gives us not only the excellent instrumental "Midnight Organ" but together with Dub Terror also dubbed up the riddim as "Dubbing Tonight", the first BDF cut on vinyl being the flipside of the David Hinds and General Levy tunes, the second paired with the Michael Rose tune. For soundsystem selectors and other vinyl-buyers this is once more a must have selection of great rootsy tunes on a brilliant relick of a classic riddim and for those who got rid of their turntables long ago, all tunes across the 'Tonight'-riddim can be and should be bought at, or Sir Joe & his Heartical Crew and Basque Dub Foundation surely once more show how to relick a classic riddim and voice veterans over it.