Jet Star
CD single
September 10, 1999

Artist & tune

  • Junior Kelly - What Would It Take / If Love So Nice / Rise
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In 1998 Junior Kelly first came to our notice when FP Records released his fine 7" single "Good Tiding". At the end of September 1999 UK-based Jet Star Records releases a 3 track CD single, which more or less can be seen as a taste of what's to come when Junior Kelly's debut album drops. Regarding his efforts on this CD single truly an album to watch out for.

Born and raised in the heart of Reggae, Kingston 13, Jamaica, this young singjay - brother of Jim Kelly from Killamanjaro Sound - delivers music for the conscious, uplifting, cleanliness of the heart, anti-violence, respecting the rights of people, places and things, and crucially, sharing love. Although his vocal style is reminiscent of Sizzla, Junior Kelly definitely has developed a style of his own. Especially the very powerful and commanding "Rise" impresses, but also the other two cuts are solid deliveries.

With these songs Junior Kelly unmistakebly makes clear that he's an artist who has the drive and talent to take his place at the forefront of reggae music !