Ruff Stuff Records
Promo EP
March 6, 2001

Artist & tune

  • Stephen Souza - Sweet Baby / If You Were Mine / Crying Over You / I Marry My Friend
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After two 7" singles we are treated to two more tunes from up-and-coming Stephen Souza. Already convinced of the man's skills and talent through his previous efforts we are treated to more niceness on this four track promo CD from Ruff Stuff Records, which also features his previously released tunes "Sweet Baby" and "If You Were Mine", the latter expertly delivered over a nice updated version of the classic "Jah Shakey/Far East" riddim. With the older and the brand new tunes Stephen Souza makes clear that he knows how to deliver a decent (lovers) tune. Regarding the quality of his tunes and his vocal delivery - and not forgetting the production work of the Ruff Stuff team - he is definitely a singer who will appeal to all those reggae fans who like to listen to the music of vocalists like for example Sanchez, Tony Curtis and Singing Melody.