7" single
October 6, 2010

Artist & tune

  • Paketo Wilson & Derajah - Ina de Yaad / Roots Radics - Ina de Dub
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Veteran cultural roots artist from Jamaica, Paketo Wilson, started his musical career in 1969, but it lasted until 1982 before he started recording. He worked with producers like Winston Riley and Trevor Davis, and musicians like Christopher Meredith, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Tony Asher, Basil Creary and other legendary players of instruments. For Trevor Davis he recorded the album "Praise Him", which was released on the 'Children Of God Rockers' label, while he voiced his 1985 hit single "Bubbling" on the Stalag riddim for Wiston Riley's 'Techniques' imprint. Other singles he released were "Immigration", "Cup A Tea", "You're My Love", "Jumping Style", and "Selector" to name five.

Derajah (aka Jah Youth) is a singer, songwriter, percussionist, and producer with over thirty recordings and nuff live performances since the late 1990s under his belt. Derajah has recorded with musicians such as the IrieVibrations crew from Austria. However, his key musical apprenticeship was in Jamaica with master guitarist Earl "Chinna" Smith and legendary 'Rockers' vocalist Kiddus I. On records and on stage Derajah's stout vocal range soars into haunting falsetto chants and his baritone reaches deep into the roots of Jamaica's Rasta/African music traditions.

Paketo Wilson and Derajah have teamed up to record "Ina De Yaad", which is produced by Ben Up. They recorded the single in 2009 over a previously unreleased riddim track recorded at Channel One in May 1982 by the Roots Radics band, who dominated the Jamaican music scene from the late 1970s throughout the early 1980s. Paketo Wilson's voice differs from the recordings we know from the 1980s. His current vocal style shows some resemblance with Eek-A-Mouse's style, while Derajah at some points reminds us of Anthony B. The young and old lion deliver an inspired and worthwhile effort with a huge vibe. And let's not forget the riddim because it's a real killer, which comes to full expression on the flipside. Vinyl collector's should pick up their copy asap as this is a limited edition of 600 copies.

Listen to a snippet of the single.