Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment
CD Single
August 23, 2004

Artist & tune

  • Ziggy feat. Shanaira Rey - In My Head / Ziggy feat. Mr. Threadz - Big Up
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22 year old Ziggy (real name R. Blijden) belongs to the group of artists who are emerging from the Caribbean with a range of exciting new musical hybrids poised to follow the surge of dancehall reggae into worldwide prominence. Ziggy originates from the West Indies but lives in Holland, where he teamed up with Berteaut "Mr. Rude" Fleming from "Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment" to work on his musical career. First result of this association is a cd single which features two notable combination tunes. With "In My Head" Ziggy delivers a wicked effort in combination with Shanaira Rey, who drops the hooks and R&B-ish vocals. This tune, underpinned by an irresistible organic-electronic riddim, has that dancehall-lite feel to make you want to move. "In My Head" is well produced and definitely has the potential to become a crossover hit. A different vibe can be experienced while listening to the second track, "Big Up". The latter is a more hip hop fueled dancehall track on which Ziggy seemingly effortless finds his flow. All in all this cd single demonstrates Ziggy's versatility, from dancehall to R&B to hip hop. Keep a sharp eye on this guy!!