7" Single
March 15, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Richie Dan featuring S.O.L. - Inner Peace
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If you find the bling inspired shallowness of bashment dull, then this one may take you aback.

Ostensibly, Richie Dan's tune IS indeed yet another bashment release -- but it differs radically in that the beats are dominated and led by an intelligent CONSCIOUS lyric, the fluid prose describing the chanter's mental transformations with the passing of time.

"Season to season -- now there is no need for lies and deception, misconception and the wrong perception. I'm digging deep, bridging the gap of separation-- this world is too demanding, so I need inner peace and inner freedom."

As the seasons pass, he alters, and so runs the wisdom lyric -- "bridging the gap of separation" between the singer and others. It's a unitive, holistic vision of one - ness.

This single, and its stark contrast with other bashment tunes, shows how vacuous the genre can tend to be -- yet how good it really could become if the JA and UK producers took it upon themselves to help it mature into new forms and new challenges.

A good example of what bashment can metamorphose into, given the right talent and focus.