7" Single
December 25, 2002

Artist & tune

  • Gladstone Anderson & Mudies Allstars - It May Sound Silly / Inge Larsen - It May Sound Silly (German Mix)
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The pianist Gladstone Anderson was the leader of Harry Mudie's excellent studio band who delivered quite some instrumental versions of the producer's hit tunes, most of them gathered on his beautiful album "It May Sound Silly", which became a reggae bestseller in 1972. The combination of Gladstone Anderson's piano and strings worked very well as can be witnessed while playing this single. It contains the instrumental version of John Holt's "It May Sound Silly" (originally done by American blues balladeer Ivory Joe Hunter) and a rare cut on the riddim by Inge Larsen. The latter was in a London studio, when Harry Mudie was also there for recording the strings to his riddims. He heard her singing and was so impressed by a her vocal delivery that he decided to record a German version of "It May Sound Silly" with Inge Larsen.