Bristol Archive Records
12" Vinyl
February 20, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Joshua Moses - Africa (Is Our Land) / Home (Dub)
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Early 2011 Bristol Archive Records, a subsidiary label of Sugar Shack Records, released their first compilation of Bristol produced reggae music from the past called "The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983". This critical acclaimed release featured the memorable "Africa (Is Our Land)" by Bristol reggae legend Joshua Moses, which now has been re-released on 12" vinyl (limited edition 500 copies only). Following numerous requests Bristol Archive Records have issued it in its original format along with the original dub mix entitled "Home (Dub)". This will certainly please collectors of classic UK roots as copies of this rare and in demand original 12" are sold for over 100.

Originally released in 1978 on the More Cut label, this outstanding Dennis Bovell produced roots anthem deals with 'repatriation'. Vocally and lyrically the little known roots singer makes a very good impression, while also the well arranged riddim track is a real treat to the ears. The latter can also be said about the tune's dub counterpart on the flipside. "Home" doesn't incorporate that many dub effects, which makes that the strength and the beauty of the riddim comes to full expression.

Listening to this record makes one wonder why Joshua Moses never managed to break through in a big way. Perhaps if he had been recording in Kingston rather than Bristol, he would have become an international star, but that's only guessing. This 12" vinyl single makes us eagerly looking forward to the release of Joshua Moses' forthcoming full length album "Joshua to Jashwha - 30 Years In The Wilderness", which gathers 15 tracks recorded between 1978 and 2003.