Bristol Archive Records
12" Vinyl
February 20, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Joshua Moses - Rise Up / Rise Up (Dub)
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The second installment of Bristol Archive Records' "The Bristol Reggae Explosion" series started off with Joshua Moses' "Rise Up". For inexplicable reasons the latter, a solid roots piece recorded in 1983, remained unissued and unknown to the reggae audience until it appeared on "Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 ~ The 80s". Now Bristol Archive Records have issued it -- along with the also previously unreleased accompanying dub version -- on 12" vinyl (limited edition 500 copies only), the format for which it was always intended.

This release is almost as good as the first 12" vinyl single featuring Joshua Moses' roots anthem "Africa (Is Our Land)" from 1978. Lyrically "Rise Up" isn't as strong as "Africa (Is Our Land)", while also vocally Joshua Moses sounds a bit different here. However this doesn't imply that "Rise Up" isn't worth hearing, 'cause it surely is. Joshua Moses' vocal delivery on top of a wonderful riddim, with most notable its appealing organ sound and dominant drum patterns, makes the vocal cut simply great to listen to. Needless to explain why we also prefer to give the dub version a reqular spin.

This 12" vinyl single, and of course also the at the same time on 12" vinyl released "Africa (Is Our Land)", makes us eagerly looking forward to the release of Joshua Moses' forthcoming full length album "Joshua to Jashwha - 30 Years In The Wilderness", which gathers 15 tracks recorded between 1978 and 2003.