Artist / Title :
A Jones & The Ma-Kaya Crew - Jah Bless I / Dub
The Ma-Kaya Crew - Iron Dub / Dub

Label : Jah Tubbys      Format : 10" single      Date : June 29, 2004
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Another deep roots 10inch coming from the Jah Tubbys label featuring the fairly unknown A Jones & The Ma-Kaya Crew. Roots singer A Jones, backed by a solid riddim created by the The Ma-Kaya Crew, makes a decent impression, but in the end one comes to the conclusion that there's a lack of real inspiration to turn this into an above par roots tune. The dub version of "Jah Bless I", and also the two tracks on the flipside, are a real treat for all bass heads as they are driven by seriously dark bass lines. All in all nice UK dub steppers, but bear in mind that you'll have to play them very loud to experience the full body impact of the bass. So, warn your neighbours...
For more info check Jah Tubbys website.

Teacher & Mr. T.