Artist / Title :
Rocker T. - Jah Everlasting
Rocker T. & Jamalski - True Freedom Fighters
Rocker T. - Jah Everlasting Version

Label : PSM Recordings      Format : 12"      Date : 03 -10 -1997
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PSM Recordings from San Francisco presents an advance 12' single from their forthcoming compilation set "Time's Up". Three tunes in the very recognisable "Stand Out Selector" stylee (check out Nicodemus-Dancehall Giant !), with Rocker T. riding a fast-paced and hectic riddim, singing about his conviction to the faith of Rastafari. In combination with Jamalski he slows down his speed, and produces a decent duet, putting out several emotionally charged lyrics !

Teacher & Mr. T.