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Bingie Barker - Tribute To Bob (Gong)
Bingie Barker - Ghetto People (Rise)

Label : Bingie Barker Productions      Format : CD single      Date : 14 - 02 - 2002
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Lionel Barker, a.k.a. "Bingie Barker", was born in Kingston Jamaica to ace calypso king " Lord Jellico" and choir singer Esmie. Listening to radio stations and highly competitive sound systems blazing music day and night was normal and Bingie rarely missed a live concert in Kingston. Overwhelming performances at these concerts by local and foreign artists influenced Bingie to the point where he formed a trio, "Bingie And The Astronaughts". Rehearsal and lyrics writing dominated the group's lifespan. Bingie emigrated to Canada in the seventies, attending college and working with the "Sound of Freedom" band, performing alongside "The Fabulous 5, Inner Circle Band, and an array of international artists. In 1990 "Bingie Barker And The Raggamuffin Band" was formed, taking the city of Ottawa like a storm and capturing the "Band Of The Year" and "Vocalist Of The Year" awards. In 1999 he released his mini-album 'Rebel.Com' that consists of five tracks, all produced by Steve Hollingworth, who also performs as dj rapper on the album.
The cd single "Jah Sampler" contains two excellent traditional reggae songs, the only two tunes with his daughter Kelly Anne before she tragically passed away in August of last year. The first tune is a fitting (extended mix) tribute to the "King Of Reggae Music", whilst the second tune is a fast paced, rockers-influenced rootical tune. Great stuff !

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