Airpuff Records
Green Things
Digital Release / 7" Vinyl Single
September 17, 2013

Artist & tune

  • Jim 'Nastic' Brown - Green Things / Prince Jazzbo - All Haffi Bow
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Fabrice Pelloux and Air Puff Records label have steadily and firmly been releasing conscious tracks from some big names since 2012. Last year's "Air Puff One" by the legendary Joseph Cotton ignited the fuse and the label has just released a wicked 7" single featuring Studio One DJ Jim "Nastic" Brown and the late, great Prince Jazzbo; who passed unto Zion at time of writing. Note: this release is important because it was the last riddim voiced by Prince Jazzbo! Fabrice has a knack for cementing great relationships with these artists; he and Prince Jazzbo had planned to do a full length album. The TBSB Digital Band (Fabrice) provides a well wicked Digital backbone that harks back to Steely & Clevie stylee - yes, it really works.

Jim "Nastic" Brown started his career in 1976 with Sound Systems like Weapons Hi-Fi and El Ringo Disco. He had a slew of wicked tunes for Studio One and combinations with Devon Russell and Rappa Robert. His Studio One album, "Chanting" is a masterpiece. He has worked with Jah Thomas and Youthman Promotions. More recently, he did acclaimed shows throughout Europe and represented Studio One at the 2011 Garance Reggae Festival. He released his "Real Nastic" set to acclaim and is still very active with touring, recording and with Downbeat and African Love Disco.

Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter) started out in the early 70's at Studio One and with Bunny Lee. His "Ital Corner" album for Lee Perry really put him on the map as with "Croaking Lizard" off the Super Ape album. He did a series of DJ clashes with I Roy throughout the 70's and started his Ujama Production label. He remained consistent throughout his career and recently shined with "Black Shadow" (Stones Throw). He had been ill for some time and passed unto Zion today. Fly away home, Prince Jazzbo...

Jim Nastic (changed his stage name in late 80's) really brings in on Green Things. The DJ can ride ANY riddim and he brings absolute flow over the riddim that does have an innovative ring pon it. This DJ lectures powerfully about the virtues of clean living; the environment and all tings green. His ability to string this all together is amazing. His vocalisms are truly unique and he is one of the top DJ's still in the arena - on par with U-Roy, Dennis Alcapone and Big Youth. Yes, he's that good. This is a great lyrical time!

Prince Jazzbo is Heartical and Rootical on All Haffi Bow. An ode to His Imperial Majesty; he commands all liars, Queens, police (well, everybody) to recognize. He injects some serious mannerisms that hark back to the great Black Ark days. He turns this into an engaging Royal anthem that has you wanting more. A very Rightious manner for Prince Jazzbo to leave his last musical imprint on!! This release is important to have on many levels - it's a great balance of The Digital Age done just right and legends pon the mic. It's uplifting to see a rising label/producer capture the vibes so well. It's a testament to two of Jamaica's best DJ's. Highly recommended. GO DEH!!!!